Lobivia and Pseudolobivia Cultivars Lobivia and Pseudolobivia Cultivars I-N

JT 2009.014 JT (Lobivia ferox x L. longispina ) x Psl. calorubra

Lobivia hybrid JT 2009.014
(Lobivia ferox x L. longispina ) x Psl. calorubra

This incredible hybrid has no name yet, but it is likely that we will assign one very soon. The plant has a typical Lobivia / Pseudolobivia body and is currently used by the breeder Patrick Noll in his crosses.

Breeder: The breeder of the JT 2009.014 is Jürgen Theisinger from Wolfstein.

Parents: (Lobivia ferox x Lobivia longispina) x Pseudolobivia Calorubra (a form of Echinopsis obrepanda)

Breeder´s Code: JT 2009.014

Flowers: Not measured.