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SYLVIA (Lobivia or Pseudolobivia hybrid)

Sylvia (Lobivia or Pseudolobivia hybrid)

SYLVIA is a Lobivia hybrid. It is one of my favorite hybrids and I used it a lot.

Breeder: The breeder of this hybrid is Mrs. Kriechel, who sold some plants to Johannes Loeven in 1991.

Parents: Parents not known

Breeder´s Code: 4054

Description: Mrs. Kriechel´s collection number was 4054. The plant comes from Teneriffa and the parents are unknown. It is suspected that it´s a natural hybrid. There´s not only this clone, but also 7 sister plants that are all known as Sylvia 1-8. The three best plants were propagated and distributed as Sylvia 1-3.

Flowers: 7-8 cm, red with various shades of white, white to rose colored petals.

Sylvia Lobivia Hybrid Hybride Pseudolobivia

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