Lobivia hybrid ‘BLAZE’ aka ‘BLAZA’

Lobivia hybrid ‘BLAZE’ aka ‘BLAZA’

BLAZE aka BLAZA is a Lobivia hybrid or form of a botanical species. The origin is unknown, but it is very likely to be a nursery produced cultivar.

Breeder: The breeder of BLAZE is unknown.

Parents: Parents not known, but must involve at least one Lobivia.

Breeder´s Code: 4054

Description: BLAZE is a very popular and beautiful hybrid. It forms larger clumps of plants and flowers abundantly if treated correctly. The flowers are rather small, but have a beautiful color pattern that is just beautiful to look at.

Flowers: Small, approximately around 4 cm.

Blaze aka Blaza Lobivia hybrid

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