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Links and interesting Cactus Websites

Diekakteen.de – That´s a German cactus seeds shop and website. You can buy all kinds of cactus seeds there!

Trichocereus.net – Probably the biggest resource about the genus Trichocereus and related plants. The website also has a seed shop and very good newsletter for rare seeds and plants.

Trichocereus.org – Deutsche Webseite über den San Pedro Kaktus und verwandte Arten

Lithops – Lebendesteine.de – Lithops und sonstige Lebende Steine. Mit Shop und Newsletter.

Lophophora.de – Webseite über den Peyote Kaktus, Lophophora Williamsii und Lophophora diffusa

Our Trichocereus Facebook Group – A great group with over 2000 members and lots of interesting Trichocereus seeds, videos and seeds and plants sales.

Our Lophophora Facebook Group

Cactus Growers Worldwide Facebook Group

Cactusforum.org – A new and international Cactus Forum!

Kaktusforum.com – Ein neues Deutsches Kaktusforum.

Cactusaffinity.com – A great website of one of my friends



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